Westchester Road Where Mother, Son Were Killed By Bus Has 3 Times State Average Of Crashes

The data was revealed in a report compiled for the Village of Mamaroneck’s Traffic Commission by the AKRF, Inc. consultant company in response to the deaths of Mamaroneck residents Molly Murphy Donovan, age 43, and her 6-year-old son, Michael Donovan Volpe on Thursday, June 20.

At around 8:30 a.m. on the day of the crash, the mother and son were struck by a school bus at the intersection of New Street and Mamaroneck Avenue. The bus had been turning left onto Mamaroneck Avenue with the green light while several parents and children had been crossing the street at the crosswalk with the walk sign, according to police. 

The AKRF report was done for the Traffic Commission in an effort to come up with solutions to prevent similar incidents from ever happening again. 

According to the report, between 2014 and 2023, there were 405 crashes on Mamaroneck Avenue between Andrews Street and Grand Street, averaging 41 a year. This included eight pedestrian crashes and four bicycle crashes. 

The corridor crash rate on the stretch of road is three times the statewide average, the report said. 

To prevent more crashes, the report recommended short-term improvements such as making sure the traffic signals include an exclusive pedestrian phase; painted curb extensions; better signage; and repainted pavement markings and crosswalks. 

The report also suggested longer-term changes such as an adaptive traffic signal system, raised intersections, speed and red-light cameras, and the conversion of New Street and Grand Street to one-way roads. 

Following the fatal crash, village officials implemented a crossing guard at the intersection where the incident happened for the rest of the school year. 

Because Mamaroneck Avenue is a Westchester County-owned street, the county also agreed to adjust the timing of the pedestrian walk sign and traffic lights at the intersection to improve safety for pedestrians.  

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